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Arkansas River “Walkabout”

Arkansas River “Walkabout”

A late post on the March meeting program given by Berry Parks. Berry’s Arkansas River “Walkabouts” with his “Eyetecting” and sifting make for some very interestings finds, he does NOT use a metal detector. Finds include dinosaur bones, buffalo skulls, an array of animal bones, arrowheads, spear points, and many other artifacts. I did have to ask him if that was a "jawbone of an ass" His collection of coins, jewelry, watch fobs, medals, marbles, ceramic items, and much more, were mostly sifted after “Eyetecting” a likely spot. Berry brought a very small sampling of items he has found over the many years, because as he said he does sell some items.

And FYI the term “Eyetecting” was first coined in these parts by ITTHC member Lee Wierzchowski.

A big THANK YOU to Berry Parks for a very informative program. I am sure it got a few members even thinking of doing their own Arkansas River “Walkabout”