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Coal Mine Outing Report for March 29, 2014

After 2 cancellations because of weather, finally the ITTHC outing returning to the coal mines in the McAlester area was held on March 29th and was another fun one. There were 14 ITTHC members in attendence and the weather was perfect. A high temperature of 68° and plenty of sunshine. In fact this is the earliest in year I have been sunburned in a long time.

We started in a new area on the West end of the property. Not a lot of period items found, but LOTS of modern bullets. Seems a local had been using this area for a shooting range until the landowner put a stop to it. New member Joe McKinney did find an iron stirup in this area. We are claiming it to be a “Confederate” stirup. That’s our story and we are sticking to it. John Freeman found a short base black powder shotgun shell that had "Robinhood 1903" and 1903 was the date. We had never seen that brand before.

After lunch we moved back to the area we had hunted in January. And again many found at least one miner’s check. Other assorted mining related items and household items from the camp houses were found. And again there were more coins found than I expected. There was a Standing Liberty Quarter (no date), a Mercury Dime, Nickels, Indian Head Cents, and Lincoln Cents found in what was reported. This time there were at least a couple of tokens found. The best one I saw was Cody’s “W. D. WOLLEY” “GOOD FOR 5¢ IN TRADE” which is listed in the new Oklahoma token book in the “Maverick” section. This is the third or fourth one found in this area. The late ITTHC member Jim Simmons found one of them in this general area. So it can probably be safely said that this is an Adamson token.

Hope everyone had a good time. If you missed this outing, don’t miss the next one!

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