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While at the National Hunt this weekend, Bob Freeman challenged me to encourage all you people out there that told me how much you missed the Forum, to post some messages. Now if you only knew how much grief I gave to Brian Watts, Terry Humphries, Hostek, and everyone else I could think of, then you could begin to appreciate how much I enjoy having it back. It turns out that Bob Freeman got it done.
You club members who missed the National Hunt, missed a chance to help your club host a very good hunt led by Terry Humphries. Even if you did not hunt, you should have been there to greet the folks who drove many miles to attend. And ask "how can I help out?"
I want you all out there to consider doing more for the club. This is how clubs come and go. "Oh I'll let him do it, he knows more about that job than I do." Tulsey Town Club almost went away because people wouldn't run for office, and would not volunteer for the various jobs needed to keep a club going.
We are fortunate to have Cody and Roger and our new board that lead us to be a Great Club.
My Challenge is to get off your butts and become active members of ITTHC.