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Ripped From The Headlines........

…….more like page 7.

Here is another time the ITTHC made the newspaper. This time in the Bigtime “The Haskell News” on Thursday, December 3, 1992. Again it is a pieced together scan and I did not include the advertising. If you would like a larger more readable copy, email me and I will send you a larger .jpg file. “The Haskell News” writer got a few things wrong, but he got more right than any of the big city newspaper writers that I have been interviewed by.

This was the first ITTHC outing to Choska and I think we had a total of 3 outings there. J. Y. Childress was the landowner at the time very friendly and receptive of the club detecting on his property. J. Y. has since sold the property to a sod farm operation and we have not been able to get permission to return again. Not only was J. Y. friendly, but most will remember how friendly the rotweiler pup was, to the point of nuzzling under your arm while you were down digging to help you find the item.

Thought everyone might like to see it.