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Junk Yard Dawgs
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Choska produced Seated Liberty coins, Barber coins, Standing Liberty Quarters, Walking Liberty Halves, Washington Quarters, “V” Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, many Indian Head & Wheat Cents, and coins that I have forgotten including foreign coins. There was an Osage Trader Token found. Two Civil War period Texas buttons were found and many other assorted buttons. Watch fobs, political items, tokens, and many other forgotten items.

J. Y. was good about letting us hunt on the winter wheat. The only requirement was dig a good plug and get it back in the hole wheat side up. And members did an outstanding job that day. Of course if they didn’t THEY would get to carry buckets of junk iron all day!!

The only thing J. Y. asked us to do was to see how much of the junk iron, that was destroying his farm equipment at times, that we could remove from the field. And by the two photographs below you can see how much we got out of the field that first outing. And we know exactly how much, ITTHC member Monroe Tipton agreed to haul it all off in his pickup. Monroe sold it for scrap iron and it weighted out at 1500 pounds!!! We placed about 15 five gallon buckets around the field for hunters to drop the junk in. Myself and several other members spent the day emptying buckets on the pile.

The lesson of this story is; “If you don’t dig a LITTLE junk, you won’t find the goodies!!”