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Lost Dutchman Mine

Hi all! My wife and I am a fairly new members to ITTHC. FYI, I will soon be 65, and may have early onset Altzheimer's. I'm telling you this to explain my following commentary, as to my motives for revealing such important information. . . .So, about 10 years ago, I solved the Peralta Stone Maps. It took another two years to start to make some sense of the overwhelming body of clues. The interesting problem became that there are too many clues! One has to reverse think somewhat to decide what is relevant, and what is not. The makers of these "clues" did not intend most of them to be anything more than general makers. As a TH'er, we look for specific markers.

The 5 clowns in the TV show that are looking for secrets in the Superstition Mountains are idiots! It is amazing that they did not kill each other! One of them, unnamed here but promotes himself as a detective, has suggested that he has "proven" the Peralta Stones are fake. What an idiot! I cannot tell you how foolish that man looks, if you only knew the truth! But then again, when our competitors fail, we do not lose sleep do we? Let me say this, only fools will believe that Peralta came hundreds of desert miles on mules to LEAVE HIS GOLD there!!!! Would you??? Would you go to the trouble to refine and smelt the Gold into bars, and just put it in a cave?? Even facing death, Peralta took his Gold with him, which absolutely slowed his party down, contributing to their massacre. . . think about it! (This is proven by newspaper articles up to 1914).

Having said all of that, I am wondering if our club would like me to present at one of the meetings, the solutions to the Peralta Stone maps?

And IF there is an interest, I am willing to give a special tour in Arizona as our monthly outing, again only if there is an interest. It would have to be Oct-Dec for the cooler weather. The access is quite good, but remote.

It is far, but some could carpool, rent a tour bus, or ? Each person would need; tent/housing, porta-potty of some kind, lots of water, food, sun gear, etc.

I'm just looking to see what the interest level is for this kind of event?

Thanks and Take care!