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Maps & Aerials to Find the Sweet Spot

Below is an example of another town in Oklahoma that vanished. Even the powers of Superman could not keep the little town alive. This town was in existence from 1900 until the middle to late 1920’s. The below is a combination of roughly the same areas of the townsite area from the USGS 30’ Quadrangle map, a 1962 aerial photograph, & a 2015 Google Earth image. In the Quadrangle map you can see the location of the school building to the East of the section line and the Main Street business area to the West of the section line. In the 1962 aerial you can see that the school building is still in use, You can even see the paths to the boys & girls privies. And it appears there may have been a house on the grounds at one time for the teacher. The school probably fell in disuse after many school consolidations happened in the late 1960s & early 1970’s. In a small town these school buildings would have also been used for church services, political meetings, box suppers, pie suppers, ice cream socials, Woodmen of the World (W.O.W) & Modern Woodmen of the World (M.W.A.) meetings, Anti-Horse Thief Association meetings & picnics, etcetera.

Also in the 1962 aerial you can make out the trace of the Main Street and possibly outlines of some of the building foundations. Even in the 2015 Google Earth image there is still a faint trace of Main Street.

As always said, the key to finding old coins & artifacts is “Location, Location, Location.” There are 100's of these type sites just in Oklahoma.

Again there is a lot of good research material out there on the internet for all us metal detectorist, use it. And a good starting point are the “Related Links” on the ITTHC website. Thought all might like to see an another example.