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Kelly B Todd Family Fun Day & Kid’s Hunt

Kelly B Todd Family Fun Day & Kid’s Treasure Hunt 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Kelly B Todd Family Fun Day & Kid’s Treasure Hunt will be next weekend, Saturday, September 19th. Activities will wrap up in plenty of time to comfortably make the ITTHC meeting Saturday evening.

Starting in 2006 members of our local metal detecting clubs have put on a hunt at the Kelly B Todd Walk. We have been told by several people including the organizers that we were the biggest hit of the day, by far. They have ask once again for the local treasure hunting clubs to put the Kids Treasure Hunt on again this year.

What we need is a lot of volunteers. We need people to help the kids hunt, people to run the prize booth and just people to help promote our hobby. We also need metal detectors for the kids to use during the hunt. And who knows? You might meet someone with a site they want you to go metal detecting.

The Cerebral Palsy Neuromuscular Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a center located in Muskogee. The Center has delivered physical therapy to children with physical challenges in the Muskogee area at no cost to the families since 1977.

This is the biggest fund raiser of the year for them. This event is open to the public at no cost. There is a walk, silent auction, game booths, horse back riding, FREE FOOD, and now of course metal detecting for the kids. This event is really a big deal for the kids as well as the grownups. If you were here last year you know how much fun it was and if you weren’t, ask someone that was. The Center has received prize donations from merchants and individuals for us to give away.

What We Need:

Lots of Volunteers
Metal Detectors
More Volunteers

What You Can Expect:

Lots of fun.
A great & a very rewarding time.

Directions: Located at Civitan Park, on the east side of Muskogee, approximately 1 mile west of the Muskogee Turnpike’s Gibson Street exit. The park is located directly across from the Oklahoma School for the Blind. We will begin setting up the hunt field around 9:00am.

If you can be there to help even for an hour or two please get scheduled. If you can not be there we can use any and all metal detectors we can borrow to be used with the kids. But what we really need is bodies to help. If you can volunteer or loan a metal detector contact Gary Young.

If you need more information or have any questions please contact Gary Young. Hope to see everyone there. Cannot think of anything more rewarding than helping these kids have a great time.

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