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Old Aerials – A Look at the Past

Below is another example of using old aerial photographs to research sites to go metal detecting. Aerials in this example allow you to see what this oil field company camp housing looked like 60 to 80 years ago and what it looks like today. Many of the old aerials are not being scanned at very high resolution. Not quite as good as having a Time Machine.

Too bad that there was not aerial reconnaissance during the Civil War. Too much area and too few balloons. Almost all of the balloon surveillance that was done was with a pencil & sketchbook like the example below in Virginia. The “spy” even drew in the position of the balloon from which the perspective was drawn. And he was probably hearing bullets whiz by the whole time. All along the top portion of the sketch many enemy postions & camps are shown.

The closest you can come to aerial photography are photos like these below taken by New Orleans photographer J. D. Edwards in the Pensacola Florida area. These photos appeared the National Historical Society 6 volume series “The Image of War 1861-1865” Volume One “Shadows of the Storm” published in 1981. The first photo is taken from the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse looking to the West towards the old Spanish Fort, Fort Barrancas, showing many Confederate positions & camps. The second is of the area just below the Pensacola Lighthouse.

Here are a few Google Earth images of the area today:

Before you get fired up to head to Pensacola to detect in the Confederate camps shown in the photos, fuhgeddaboudit, the whole area is on Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida. As a Fisher Distributor/Sales Representative for over 30 years we got to test a lot of prototype metal detectors. In 1983 if my memory serves me, which sometimes it doesn’t, my brother Bill and myself were testing the prototype for the Fisher 1280X Aquanaut. To test the prototype diving in salt water we headed for Pensacola. My other brother Mark the Naval Aviator was stationed in the Pensacola area as a flight instructor at the time. Mark did get us permission to test on the beach & bay area behind the Officer’s Club & the Enlisted Men’s Club, but NOWHERE ELSE.

Thought all might like to see an another example of finding places to detect by searching the old aerial photos.