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A Few More Oil Field Housing Camps

Below is another example of using old aerial photographs to research sites to go metal detecting. Aerials in this example allow you to see what these oil field company camp housing looked like 60 to 70 years ago and what it looks like today. Also peak activity in this area was 1910 to the late 1930's, so by the 1950’s the camp areas & oil field activity had wound down to less than half what it was at its peak. You can also sometimes find camps that have totally disappeared by looking at tree patterns. Have the 1950’s aerials and the Google Earth images cropped close to the same area of coverage and marked the camp housing areas in both.

There are lots of good metal detecting areas out there it just takes research to locate them. Then the leg work: scouting the area to see if it is in condition for metal detecting, tracking down the landowners & any leasees, and acquiring permission to metal detect. Laws in Oklahoma and surrounding states relieve the landowner of liability if he allows access to his property without charging for any recreational activity.

So get out there and find something!

Here is the first camps area:

And the second camps area:

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