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Have You Lost Your Marbles?……

……We May Have Found Them!

Photos furnished by Kathi Avey & Greg Wicks

The program for the ITTHC July meeting was on marbles & marble collecting present by Randy Coker the president of the Tulsa Area Marble Club.

Mr. Coker brought along a good cross section of displays of the different type marbles and related items to collect. He also had several reference books on marble collecting.

And even the bags the marbles came in are a collectable item.

Not a “Message in a Bottle” but a “Marble in a Bottle”. Mr. Coker also brought along a item with an unusal use of a marble. It was a Codd-neck bottle. In 1872 British soft drink maker Hiram Codd of Camerwell, London, England designed and patented a bottle specifically for carbonated drinks. This bottle uses a unique system to seal carbonated drinks. The bottle keeps a marble in the neck and along with a seal is used in soda pops & beers.

Here is a display of found marbles brought by ITTHC member John Freeman.

And this 6 gallon Mason jar (a former pickle jar) of marbles were found by our late member Bill Lawson over the years. Over half the marbles in the jar were found when demolition, grade work, & excavation was being done where the OSU-Tulsa campus was built. This was one of the oldest sections of Tulsa.

The club had a good turn out for the program, there were 50+ in attendance.

A big Thanks to Randy Coker for the very educational program. If you missed this program you missed a outstanding presentation of marble collecting & marble values.