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Saturday, July 21st Water Outing Report

Photos furnished by Wally Dick

The club outing to Sheppard Point Recreation Area at Heyburn Lake on Saturday, July 21st was an another outstanding one. Weather was great with the high temperature for the outing hitting the 95° mark with a nice breeze out of the East for the entire day. About as good a day as you could get at the end of July in Oklahoma, especially after the one hundred degree highs on Friday.

The club supplied hamburgers, hot links, hot dogs, buns, condiments, & chips. Roger Eaton again handled the hot job of cooking. Great job Roger and Thank You!

And Thanks to Greg Wicks for transporting the club’s grill and bringing the tables. Greg is also storing the grill & tables at his place for the summer. There were 35 members standing in line to chow down on burgers, hot dogs, & hot links supplied by the club and the outstanding food assortment brought by club members. There were 54 hamburgers, 24 hot dogs, & 18 hot links consumed. Thanks to all those bringing the great side dishes and desserts. If you went away hungry at this outing, again it was your own fault.

After the big feed there were scattered as evenly as possible 217 tokens in a 40 yards X 70 yards designated area. There were 11 tokens for member donated prizes, and 180 tokens for Silver Mercury dimes, 16 tokens for Silver quarters, and 10 tokens for Silver half dollars. When the start signal was given there were 25 water hunters frothing the water.

After 1 hour+ of hunting all but 3 Mercury Dime, 1 Silver Quarter token & 1 Silver Half tokens tokens were found. Tokens were painted Wheat Cents, painted aluminum pulltabs, painted & numbered .54 Gallagher Minie’ bullets, painted dug up Indian Cents, painted dug up Half Cent and painted Shield Nickels & V-Nickel.

Member donated prizes: 5 Silver Dimes donated by Lloyd Coke won by Bill Rouse. 12-pk Pepsi donated by Wally Dick won by Cody Reese. 5 Silver Dimes donated by Roger Eaton won by Lloyd Coke. $5.00 donated by Kim Hauger won by Cody Reese. $5.00 donated by Rachel Hayworth won by Lloyd Coke. $5.00 donated by John Hayworth won by Russell Miller. Ghost Town Book Set donated by Chuck Marcum won by Ed Slavik. $5.00 donated by Mike Owens won by Roger Eaton. Emergency Road Kit donated by Howie Rosser won by Cody Reese. Lights Assortment donated by Bill Rouse won by Russell Miller. Silver Half Dollar & 5 Silver Dimes donated by Greg Wicks won by David Fuller.

Some of the higher totals found were: Bill Rouse 14 Mercury Silver dimes, 3 Silver Quarters, & 2 Silver Half Dollars, & 1 prize token. Wally Dick 17 Silver Mercury dimes. Cody Reese 11 Silver Mercury dimes, 2 Silver Quarters, & 3 prize tokens. Lloyd Coke 10 Mercury Silver dimes, 1 Silver Quarter, 1 Silver Half Dollar, & 2 prize tokens. James Marcum 11 Silver Mercury Dimes & 1 Silver Quarter, & 2 Silver Half Dollars. Bob Avey 11 Silver Mercury dimes & 1 Silver quarter. Chuck Marcum 10 Silver Mercury Dimes & 2 Silver Quarters. Russell Miller 10 Silver Mercury Dimes & 2 prize tokens. Howie Rosser 11 Silver Mercury dimes & 1 Silver Half Dollar.

And a few maverick jewelry finds were made. Lloyd Coke had the best two of the bunch, a real pretty 10K Gold ring with a small stone & a colorfull beaded bracelet. Congratulations Lloyd!

And once again, one of the main reasons for this type of outing, besides the food of course, is also, the fun and fellowship of being with people that enjoy the same hobby. And to give non-water hunting members a chance to try their hand at it. There are always extra water detectors & scoops available for use, so if you have not tried water hunting come on out & try it, you might find you like it.

If you missed this outing, you missed a great one. Don’t miss the next one!