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Flat Rock Creek Water Outing Sunday, August 19th

Overcast to partly sunny with a little rain, high temperature about 81°, lake water was nice & cool, the club outing to Flat Rock Recreation Area at Fort Gibson Lake on Sunday, August 19th was another good one. A little weather excitement as we were about to break camp. There was a reported tornado on the ground near the junction of US Highway 412 & US Highway 69 moving to the Northeast, 10 miles North of and moving away from where we were located. All the while the sun was shinning at our location. We knew we were probably safe as we did not see any cows flying through the air.

The club supplied hamburgers, hot links, hot dogs, buns, condiments, & chips. Roger Eaton handled the hot job of cooking. Good job Roger, Thank You! Thanks to Greg Wicks for transporting the club grill & tables and storing them for the water hunting season.

There were 24 members standing in line to chow down on burgers, hot dogs, hot links and the outstanding assortment of food brought by club members. Thanks to all those bringing the side dishes and desserts. If you went away hungry at this outing, again it was your own fault.

After the big feed there were scattered as evenly as possible 213 tokens in a 50 yards X 30 yards, more limited because of the lake level being up over 2 feet. There were 10 tokens for member donated prizes, and 177 tokens for Mercury Dimes, 17 tokens for Silver Quarters, & 9 tokens for Silver Halves. Tokens were painted Wheat Cents, painted aluminum pulltabs, painted & numbered .54 Gallagher Minie’ bullets, painted dug up Indian Cents, and painted Shield Nickels, V-Nickel & one Half Cent.

When the start signal was given there were 17 water hunters frothing the water. After 1 hour+ of hunting all of the prize token were found. Amd 49 Mercury Dimes, 5 tokens for Silver Quarters , & 4 tokens for a Silver Halves were not recovered.

And now as Paul Harvey & Wally would say “The Rest of the Story”. Somewhere in the designated area your sower of tokens lost track of one quadrant’s bag of tokens. This bag contained 45 Mercury Dime tokens, 4 Silver Quarter tokens, & 2 Silver Half Dollar tokens. The missing bag was NOT found even during the hunt period! The bag of tokens is still out there somewhere. So, of the tokens that were actually scattered there were only 4 Mercury Dime tokens, 1 Silver Quarter token, & 2 Silver Half Dollar tokens not found. The unfound coins, including the bag count, will probably be added to the 2018 Water Hunting Season Finale in September.

Member donated prizes: Thermal bag & Buffalo nickel collection display book donated by Wally & Jean Dick won by Lee Wierzchowski. $5.00 donated by Roger Eaton won by Ken Fanning. Rain gauge & raincoat donated by Ken Fanning won by Mike Owens. Water hunting pouch donated by John (JJ) Freeman won by Cody Reese. $5.00 donated by Cody Reese won by Bill Rouse. Jar of pickled okra & $5.00 donated by Howie Rosser won by David Fuller. $5.00 Walmart card donated by Bill Rouse won by Wally Dick. 24 – AA Energizer Batteries donated by Greg Wicks won by Roger Eaton. Silver Quarter & $5.00 donated by Lee Wierzchowski won by David Fuller.

Some of the higher totals found were: Wally Dick 18 Mercury Dimes, 4 Silver Quarters, 1 Silver Halves, & 1 prize token. Bill Rouse 17 Mercury Dimes, 1 Silver Quarter, & 1 prize token. Bob Avey 13 Mercury Dime, 1 Silver Half, & 1 prize token. John (JJ) Freeman 13 Mercury Dime, 1 Silver Half, & 1 prize token. Ken Fanning 11 Mercury Dimes & 1 prize token. David Fuller 8 Mercury Dimes, 1 Silver Quarter & 2 prize tokens. Cody Reese 9 Mercury Dimes, 1 Silver Quarter, & 1 prize token. Greg Wicks 9 Mercury Dimes & 1 Silver Half Dollar.

The winner of $25.50 in the 50-50 Raffle was Greg Wicks. Thanks to Jean & Wally Dick for running the 50/50 raffle.

And after a short wait for the tornado to move out of the junction area of US Highway 412 & US Highway 69 we prepare to break camp. As the sun slowly sets over the hunting grounds of Flat Rock Creek, ITTHC members left a full lake & headed home with a full belly and a smile on their face! (photo by Jean Dick)

Again, one of the main reasons for this type of outing, besides the food of course, is to give non-water hunting members a chance to try their hand at it. Also, the fun and fellowship of being with people that enjoy the same hobby. And we did have some discussion & information about the Civil War action that took place in the area of the hay station-remount camp on Flat Rock Creek.

Again, if you missed this outing, you missed a good one. Don’t miss the next one!

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