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A Few Maps & Aerials
In Response To: Action at Hay Station- Flat Rock Creek - Updated ()

Here are a few maps & aerials covering the area where the hay station & remount camp was located and the “Action at Flat Rock Creek” took place. The first map is the 1898General Land Office (GLO) Township maps combination of the area. The roads were probably very similar at the period of the Civil War.

The second map is a combination of the Creek & Cherokee allotments for the area. The Creek Nation is on the West side of the area and the Cherokee Nation is on the East side of the area. Everywhere you see an “H” or an “H” in a circle there was a residential house at that location. In most cases those houses were there before the Civil War. Most of the allotees would have taken their initial allotments where their improvements were located.

This map is a 1968 USGS Topo of the same area.

This is a 1958 aerial mosaic of the same are before the camping areas were built at the Blue Bill Point, Flat Rock Creek, & Rocky Point Recreation Areas. The quality is not the greatest. Variations in the angle of the tracks photographed, light reflections, resolution, developing, and then the scanning resolutions also vary.

The last is a more modern Google Earth aerial of the area with the sections marked on it.