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Fisher 1285X Prototype For Sale

For sale is my Fisher 1285X Aquanaut prototype detector and hard carrying case. It looks like and operates like the Fisher 1280X with the exception that it has a pinpoint feature not found on the Fisher 1280X. These 1285X prototypes were testing adding the pinpoint feature to the Fisher 1280X and not more than 5 were built to send out for testing. This unit is prototype number “3”. The 1285X did not go to production. Below is a photo of the 1285X & carrying case with a enlargement of the model decal inset.

To enter the all metal. non-motion. pinpoint mode the discriminate control is rotated all the way counterclockwise to click in to the pinpoint mode. If the units would have entered production a pinpoint button like the Fisher CZ-20 would have been added to the unit.

My water hunting days are fading away and I am asking $325.00 for this great DEEP WATER machine. If interested email or call: 405 664-7201.

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