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Counterfeit? - Almost

The below images are of a printer’s plate & a print made from the plate. The “counterfeit” printer’s plate was found by the late ITTHC member Pete Petross in the area of East Pine Street & North Cincinnati Avenue when demolition was taking place for urban renuewal of the area.

Almost counterfeit because the plate is 2½” X 5½” and the banknote the photo engraved plate was made from is actually about twice that size. So maybe the printer was thinking of getting in conunterfeiting business but kept the practice from being actual counterfeiting.

When Pete found the plate it was folded four or five times. Keith Sutton took it to a printer friend who straightened the plate, mounted it, & printed samples.

Thought it was a very unusual find that everyone might like to see. If you had one of this banknote in pristine condition it would be a high dollar item.