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Fall Club Member Only Hunt Summary 2018

Fall Club Member Only Hunt Summary 2018

The hunt was held Sunday, October 21st at the Creek County Fairgrounds. And we could not have had better weather, sunny day, high temperature of 65°. Thanks to those that were out there early helping with stringing the fields, burying the coins, setting up the building, cleaning up the building, and all the other jobs that had to be done for this event to be a success.

And the most important segment of the Fall Hunt, the food! There were 40 ITTHC members lined up for this banquet. There was a great spread of food again. (And again, I could not even sample all of it, but made myself miserable trying!) We probably should have had a second feed after the main hunt. Thanks to all the cooks that made it possible and that includes all you guys that had entries in the “Bobby Crocker” dessert contest.

Winners in the “Bobby Crocker” contest were: 1st – Ken Fanning with his “Italian Cream Cake”. 2nd – John Freeman with his “Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake”. 3rd – Charles Bohuslavicky with his “Red Velvet Cream Cake”. 4th - Brad Whitt with his “Dirt Cake”. Thank you Rachel Hayworth for again organizing the “Bobby Crocker” contest. And thanks to all the entrants great desserts. It was all OUTSTANDING!

Thanks to Shaun Kucera & Cody Reese for planting the Deep Buried Competition Hunt this year. This is a Competition Hunt where the Quarter size targets (1 point) & the Dime size targets (3 points) are buried 6+ inches deep. The top finishers are those with the most points after the 45 minute hunt.

And the winners were: 1st Place Lloyd Coke with 12 points - 3 quarters & 3 dimes; 2nd Place – Eric Slavik (first time in this hunt) with 10 points - 4 quarters & 2 dimes. 3rd – Ken Fanning with 8 points - 5 Quarters & 1 Dime. There was another first timer that was in this hunt for practise, Noah Swatsenbarg (11 years old) and he found 2 Quarter size tokens. This hunt is a good test of hunter & machine.

The club allotted $200.00 to purchase prizes for the hunt. Jim Nobles did another good traditional job working the prize board. There were also club member donated prizes. Thanks to all those that donated prizes to the hunt. The prize tokens were stamped and painted Silver Mercury Dimes & Silver No-Date Standing Liberty Quarters. This years hunt also had $81.00 added from the Silent Auction to purchase coins over the amount of entry fees collected.

In the Main Coin/Prize Hunt there were a entries. The hunt field was 50 yards by 90 yards. There were Silver Mercury Dimes in the coin hunt. There was a total of 49 prizes. All of the prize tokens were found.

David Fuller was the big winner in the 50/50 raffle of $40.00!

If you missed the 2018 Fall Club Member Only Hunt, you missed another good one. Hope everyone had a great time.

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