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Skyline Amusement Park

Recently in conversations with ITTHC members the subject of Skyline Amusement Park was brought up. It was sold later and name changed to Indian Nations Amusement Park for a period before closing. Some thought it was at Bixby and others near Glenpool. But it was about 2 miles South of Jenks, Oklahoma, USA. Most of the area is now the Five Oaks Lodge Event Center. The event center lodge was built right on the sandy swim beach of the Skyline Lake.

Skyline Amusement Park was another one of several that were located in the Tulsa area over the years and was the largest operation. Construction on Skyline Amusement Park was begun in the early 1950’s and closed in 1970’s. Skyline had many attractions. The large spring fed clear lake with a big sand swim beach, high dive platform & change house, with human powered paddle boats & canoes. A steam powered train that had a track around the lake & stage coach ride. Many amusement rides, a wooden roller coaster, and arcade building. At the time the roller coaster was billed as “The Longest Wooden Roller Coaster in the World”. There were also trails around the lake with picnic areas that were used for hay rides (both day & night) that would stop for roasting hot dogs & marshmellows. Church groups, scouts, and other like organizations could book the hay rides.

Many of the Tulsa areas largest companies like Douglas Aircraft, American Airlines, DX refinery, and many others would rent the whole park for their company picnics and have them catered. All the rides would be free at these events. Can remember Douglas Aircraft picnics in the late 1950’s where I ate way too much, if you can even imagine that, and then get sick on the Tilt-A-Whirl ride. When in high school the last week of school was always referred to as “Seniors Week” & many Seniors would cut classes. Skyline Amusement Park’s sandy swim beach was one of “THE PLACES” to spend some of that week. Skyline Amusement Park was a WELL used place!

The first aerial is of the Skyline Amusement Park area in 1954 as most of the construct is underway, the second is a shot of the Skyline Amusement Park in 1964, the third is an enlargement of the roller coaster & amusement ride area, and the last is the Google Earth aerial of the area as it is today. (scroll down):

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