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February Meeting – Show & Tell Displays

The ITTHC February 2019 meeting was the annual Show & Tell display meeting. The “Show” part is the displays brought and the “Tell” part is explaining what the items are that have been found. Not telling where they were found, although you can do that if you wish. This gives the members an opportunity to bring displays of items found over the span of time they have enjoyed the hobby. It shows members and visitors what has been found metal detecting & can still be found metal detecting.

There was a drawing for those ITTHC members bringing displays for the annual Show & Tell. First draw was John Hayworth and he chose the Silver Eagle 1 ounce Silver Round. The last two draws were Gary Carnes & Bob Cook each got a very nice Morgan Silver Dollar. Thanks to all that brought displays.

Here are a few of the displays that were at the meeting. (scroll way down)

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