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Treasure Hunters Day Another Success!

Treasure Hunters Day at the Three Rivers Museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma on Saturday, February 23rd was another success! There were a few less members from both the ITTHC & Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club in attendance, but the size of the public coming throught the show was one of the largest.

The Three Rivers Museum has been sponsoring Treasure Hunters Day for a number of years. Treasure Hunters Day not only exposes the general public the the very enjoyable hobby metal detecting, but also to the long and grand history of the Three Forks area of Oklahoma. If you have not visited the Three Rivers Museum plan your trip to learn that history of the Three Forks area. Link to Three Rivers Museum website, just click on the link below:

Three Rivers Museum

And here are a few of the displays that were brought to show the public at Treasure Hunters Day. (scroll down)