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First Barber Dime

I had to work in Enid yesterday and after a few interviews, I contacted Jason to see if he was off and wanted to hunt. He was and told me to meet him in town and when I arrived I found the area being graded down about a foot and half.

As we were waiting for the heavy equipment to stop and the workers to give us the OK, 4 other people showed up with detectors and stood by as well. Once the OK was given is was like planted hunt. Everyone took off and started swinging. I dug a few wheat pennies, one which was right on top of the ground, then I got my first barber dime a 1911 D.

I continued to dig wheat pennies and did dig 2 buffalo nickels as well. I did finally get an Indian penny and it turned out to be an 1864. I dug a few junk jewelry items, not a lot of trash which was a plus and a 5 Mil Oklahoma Tax Token. After a few hours and knowing that I had the long drive back to Tulsa I finally gave up and headed home. I was holding out for another silver, but it just didn't happen.

In all I dug 14 wheat pennies... 1911, 1917, 1918, (2)1919, 1919D, 1928D, 1935D, 1937D, 1941D, (3)1944D and a 1946D. The buffalo nickels are 1918 and a 1914D. That was the best old coin day that I have had.

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