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Old Friends

Just stopping by to say Hi to all my old friends I made by joining this club. I learned a lot in a hurry!

I miss the old "Shop Gang!" I spent a lot of my work lunch breaks driving over to only be able to stay a few minutes and listen to the stories.
Everyone is this club was always so nice to me & my family. I know everyone that was there remembers when one of my twin daughters fell and busted her head open during a water outing at Taylor's Ferry back in the late 1990's! She had a big gash and a lump on her head and off we went to to ER in Broken Arrow where we still live.
Same twins went to OU, got a Bachelor's Degree, and are now Dental Hygienists in the area. Take care of your teeth!

Looks like most are using FB to post.
Funny story. I created the Club's ITTHC FB Page before we had one. But I forgot to ask permission from the ITTHC Board first. I kinda panicked and was worried I was going to be in some sorta trouble. So I abandoned it, even though several members had started using it.
I see someone I don't know created a new one. I am member on it and have posted a few times.

Terry Humphries, I guessing you're not on FB. Haven't seen any posts from you. Privacy concerns... LOL (I remember) I'm the same way but did finally give in to FB. It was the only way I could keep track of my daughters and their families.

Keep swinging those coils.